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    A burglary, fire or severe storm can cause your business to lose a great deal of income, particularly if repairs or replacements are time consuming. And a liability claim can be even more costly, even if your business isn’t found responsible for the injury or loss sustained. Having the right protection in the form of a comprehensive business-owner’s insurance policy can be the difference between recovering from a lawsuit and closing your business doors.

    Your business owner’s policy (BOP) covers your business against personal property loss and general liability risk. What that typically means, in terms of property loss, is that in case of fire, theft, vandalism, destruction, flood or embezzlement, your business’ losses will be covered. Vehicle coverage of rented or borrowed vehicles is often also included in the BOP, as are business interruption losses stemming from suspended or reduced operations.

    Standard liability coverage, protecting your business against claims of bodily injury or property damage occurring at the business, including the cost of defending against such claims, are also typically included in the business owners policy.

    As is the case with most insurance, your state may regulate certain portions of the policy, such as what types of coverage must be included, how a policy may be priced and any limits that may be placed upon coverage.

    Often, the business owner’s policy will cover property for replacement value at present prices, regardless of the original cost. Property might include furnishings, equipment, inventory or records. What is covered and the limits of coverage can vary from one state to another, between different underwriters and according to your needs.

    Our experts will tailor a customized insurance package for you that will cover your business personal property losses and protect you against general liability claims. They’ll compile a single policy that will also include loss of income, monies or securities and billing records, as well as any other options your business may need.

    It’s important to know your insurance needs well, both from the standpoint of legal requirements and of your financial exposure. Our professional agents can help you determine your needs and will find you the most cost-effective insurance coverage available.

    Fill out our Business Owners Policy Indication Form and our staff will contact you promptly to provide you with a quote for a combined policy that will fulfill all your BOP needs. You will find the expert guidance of our professional staff will provide a streamlined process and solid coverage at the best rates to be found.