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      Liability Risks and Telemedicine

      Telemedicine is evolving rapidly as an arm of clinical and diagnostic medicine. Essentially, it involves the electronic transfer of information to be used in diagnoses by a remote physician. The concept really isn’t that new, it’s the technique of transmission of the data that is new. It’s been done by telephone and radio for many years, but voice transmission severely limited its usefulness. Today’s technology has brought telemedicine to a point that it is a viable approach for remote diagnosis and treatment decisions.

      Unfortunately, not all liability carriers have embraced telemedicine, and some may not offer riders to an existing policy to cover potential telemedicine malpractice liability issues. With very little case law to draw upon, the “ground rules” for telemedicine malpractice risks is still largely undeveloped.

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      Are You Covered?

      While it’s possible that your current coverage may offer you the protection you need for your telemedicine practice, it’s also possible that your carrier would exclude coverage, in the absence of specific allowances. Our experts can evaluate your policy for you and set your mind to rest on the question. If you’re not covered, we can help you find the best available coverage at the most favorable rate.

      Whether you are looking for a malpractice policy that covers your full-time telemedicine practice or supplemental coverage to your existing policy, Cunningham Group offers access to the industry’s best rates and telemedicine coverage options. Free quotes from the top-rated national and regional insurers in every state allow you to compare and save on your premiums. Our expert advice and value-added services will also ensure that you are taking advantage of all of the various discounts available to your practice.

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      This write-up for Telemedicine was put together by Michael Matray, the Editor of the Medical Liability Monitor