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Medical Malpractice Insurance for Physician Assistants

Because PAs have a high level of training, they can work in a wide variety of healthcare settings, including physicians’ offices, hospitals, their own practices, patients’ homes, etc. They can also perform a large range of duties that include prescribing medication, ordering tests, giving vaccinations, making diagnoses, etc. Thus, it is extremely important that our insurance agents take the time to understand your unique employment situation so you can get the coverage you need to be protected in the event of a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Once we have an accurate understanding of your employment situation, Cunningham Group will work with the major insurance carriers in your state to find you a policy that meets your specific needs, the requirements of your state and offers excellent coverage. And, by shopping you to all of the major carriers, we can also ensure that we get you the lowest cost for your professional liability coverage.

Finally, during the insurance application process, be sure to ask your med mal insurance agent about any discounts that you may be eligible for. Are you “new to practice?” Are you working less than full-time? Also, if you are interested, ask if you can lower your rate by taking online risk management courses offered by the insurance company.

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More about Physician Assistants

While all PAs must work under the supervision of a physician or surgeon, the degree to which they must be supervised can vary greatly state to state. But regardless of the state, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, PA positions are among the fastest growing jobs in the United States. It is estimated that PA positions will grow by 38 percent between 2012 and 2022.

This write-up on PA’s was put together by Michael Matray, the Editor of the Medical Liability Monitor