How much does medical malpractice insurance cost in 2022?

Take a deep dive into physician malpractice insurance rates by state.

Estimated Annual Rates

  • Internal Medicine Average Rate
  • General Surgeon Average Rate
  • OB/gyn – Average Rate

*These are mature, base-rate malpractice insurance premiums. You can expect to pay 30-50% less for your malpractice coverage when purchasing your insurance through us. We shop your coverage to every major insurance company to get you the maximum number of discounts and credits. Rates can vary GREATLY within each state. This estimation tool is for research purposes only.

What influences your medical malpractice insurance cost?

Top 5 things physicians should know about their malpractice cost.

There are dozens of factors that an underwriter will use to determine the cost of your medical malpractice insurance, but here are the top 5 things they’re looking at when getting your final price:

  1. Location: The county level is where the prices are set, so always look at the county level instead of the state. An good example of this is Illionis where a OB/gyn in Cook County (Chicago) can pay $100k and one downstate will pay $50k.
  2. Medical Specialty: Your medical speciality. The insurance industry has a lot of data that look at the risks from each speciality. This does play a role.
  3. Patient Interaction: Your patient interaction. What type of medicine are you practicing.
  4. Your History: Your claims, board and licencing history.
  5. Limits of Liability: Limits of Liability. Aka… much is the insurance company going to put up in your defense. For example, many states use the standard limits of $1M/$3M, which is $1 million per claim, with a maximum coverage of 3 claims ($3 million total).

Historic Medical Malpractice Insurance Rates by State

Our unique malpractice insurance rate data gives you a look back over the last 20+ years.

*Cunningham Group has contracted with the Medical Liability Monitor, the leading source of medical malpractice insurance news, to publish a historic view of doctor malpractice insurance rates in all 50 states. These are base rates, meaning they have no discounts or credits applied to them. These are the rates the insurance carriers filed with the State’s Department of Insurance. For reference, Cunningham Group clients typically pay on average 30%-50% less than these published rates. This significant discrepancy is due to the unique situation of every physician.

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