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Texas Malpractice Insurance

Texas has a strong professional liability marketplace with many insurance options, but that wasn’t always the case. The biggest difference with rates in Texas is between the different medical malpractice insurance companies.

Our 2021 Physician Buyers Guide for malpractice insurance in Texas gives you the information necessary to get the best price for the strongest, most financially secure policy. Your main goal when buying coverage is to get a full view of the Texas marketplace to know which company is the best fit for you. Both from a price standpoint, as well as a company with strong financials. Choose a broker that offers you multiple quotes from the all the major malpractice insurance companies in Texas.

Texas NPDB from 1990 to 2023

Depicted above is the latest historic medical malpractice payouts information for MDs/DOs in Texas from the National Practitioner Data Bank.

How to buy malpractice insurance in Texas.

The best way to buy malpractice coverage is through a reputable malpractice insurance broker licenses in Texas who can generate you multiple quotes. Your broker will walk you through the lengthy insurance application and underwriting process. Click to get medical malpractice insurance quotes from every major Texas malpractice insurance company.

Typically, the malpractice insurance buying process goes as follows:

  1. Submit your information for your free medical malpractice insurance quote from every major insurance company in Texas.
  2. One of our veteran malpractice insurance agents who specializes in the Texas market will contact you to learn more about your specific situation in order to better represent you to the all the major insurance companies.
  3. We shop your coverage to every major insurance company in Texas.
  4. We present you with a number of insurance quotes and give you all the information necessary to make an educated and informed decision. Don’t worry, we’re here every step of the way, helping you get the best price with the best company.
  5. At renewal time, we restart the process of shopping your coverage to every major carrier to keep your policy properly priced.

How to save money on your malpractice insurance.

  • The number 1 way to save money on your medical malpractice insurance policy is by selecting a broker with access to every major insurance company and able to get you quotes from all of them. You need an accurate view of the marketplace. As one of the top brokers in Texas, we can also guide you through the application and underwriting process. You will be confident you received the best price and are placed with the best company for your situation.
  • The most common limits in Texas are $200k/$600k. Limits of liability play a major role in determining your overall cost. Some companies might recommend lowering your limits to lower your malpractice premium cost. We do not. We do not ever want to see client forced to pay a verdict out of pocket.
  • Check out our 7 secrets your medical malpractice insurance agent won’t tell you page to get insider information on buying coverage in Texas.

How much does medical malpractice insurance cost in Texas.

Rates in Texas vary greatly dependent on where you practice. For example, a general surgeon in McAllen (Hidalgo County), which is located near the most southern part of the state, could see an annual malpractice premium of $49,500. That same general surgeon could move their medical practice to Dallas (Dallas County) and see their malpractice premium drop to $19,000. This is one of the many reasons it’s important to work with an insurance agency that specializes in medical malpractice insurance. Below are mature, base rates with no credits or discounts. We typically get our clients a 30-50% reduction from these rates:


  • Internal Medicine Average Rate $4,222
  • General Surgeon Average Rate $14,988
  • OB/gyn – Average Rate $19,632
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Medical malpractice requirements in Texas.

Limits of Liability: The most important requirement are the limits of liability in Texas which are $200k/$600k. What this means is that the insurance company we help place you with will cover you during the policy period up to $200 thousand per claim, with a cap of $600 thousand per year.

Most hospitals require a physician carry malpractice insurance prior to granting admitting privileges. Some of the hospital systems requiring this include, but are not limited to: Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Temple, Baptist Medical Center in San Antonio, Ben Taub Hospital in Houston, Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, and St. David’s Medical Center in Austin.

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  • Individual Physicians

    Find peace of mind for your practice. Allow us to locate suitable malpractice coverage from top providers, offering multiple quotes for your convenience.

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    Secure your future with Tail Insurance. Protect yourself from past claims with extended liability coverage—multiple quotes to match your needs.

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    Lead confidently with comprehensive malpractice coverage. We specialize in finding tailored plans from various providers for medical directors like you.

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Client Testimonials

Below is what a few clients have to say about our prices and service. We know that cost and trust are the two most important factors when shopping for your medical malpractice insurance. We pride ourselves at being the best at both!

Tim, I thank you for all the help in getting my malpractice insurance. Your patience is to be complimented, given my lack of aptitude with modern technology.

Internist in Texas

Tim Arnieri has been assisting me with both medical malpractice insurance and medical director malpractice insurance and has done a superb job. I’ve had a first rate experience with this group.

Medical Director in Texas

Best Medical malpractice insurance companies in Texas.

  1. Texas Medical Liability Trust
  2. The Doctors Company
  3. ProAssurance
  4. Medical Protective
  5. ISMIE
  6. Aspen
  7. Columbia Casualty

Why partner with Cunningham Group?

Partnering with Cunningham Group will give you a full view of the Texas marketplace. We can get you quotes from all the major insurance companies and help you choose the policy that best fits your needs and budget. Our company was founded in Texas, and this is where our headquarters is located. We know Texas better than any broker in the state. Our veteran insurance agents average 15+ years of industry experience. Let us help you secure medical malpractice insurance quotes from every major insurance company in Texas.

Historic Medical Malpractice Insurance Rates in Texas for Physicians.

Brief History, Texas Tort Reform and other important facts of medical malpractice insurance in Texas.

Texas implemented comprehensive reforms under the Medical Malpractice and Tort Reform Act of 2003.  Included in this act were caps on noneconomic damages in medical liability cases, changes to evidentiary procedures, joint and several liability reform and limiting damages to incurred costs, among others. The law had particular impact on the medical malpractice market because it employed a ballot initiative which immediately validated the caps. In many states, insurers take a wait-and-see approach to damage caps, as they are frequently determined to be unconstitutional by state supreme courts, as has happened in Illinois and Georgia, among others. In contrast, Texas’ caps were passed through a constitutional amendment and voted on by the citizenry, so there is little danger of the caps being rescinded in the future.

The effect on the Texas liability market was immediate and far-reaching. Since passing these reforms, malpractice rates in Texas have decreased sharply and the number of physicians in the state has increased. According to a joint report by the Heritage Foundation and the Texas Public Policy Foundation, the number of physicians practicing in Texas nearly doubled between 2003 and 2013, and the number of physicians in Texas is now growing at twice the rate of the state’s population.

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