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What is a Moonlighting Physician?

Medical care moonlighting has grown in popularity over the last several years. With reimbursements for Medicare and Medicaid lower since the passage of Obamacare, and the number of eligible patients going up, doctors are embracing  the opportunities that this situation presents. Moonlighting (taking on a second job) is a way for medical care providers to supplement their income by providing their expertise at healthcare facilities in need. Medical practitioners can participate in moonlighting opportunities at any point of their career, as long as their current employment contract does not prohibit it.  

Some physicians may choose to moonlight as a way to give back to the medical community. Menoting newer physicians gives doctors with successful careers another way to contribute to the profession in a meaningful way. Physicians can moonlight their medical expertise over a wide variety of expertise. Sometimes they may require additional training or certifications. 

Examples of Moonlighting Opportunities:


  • Works well for moonlighting because it allows you to work remotely between shifts on your own designated time.

 Locum tenens

  • These are temporary roles to help fill in employment gaps and physician shortages. You may be able to find these short term positions at your current hospital or clinic. 

 Rural Area Support

  • Many rural towns are struggling with a shortage of medical practitioners. Moonlighting at rural clinics, hospitals and other health care facilities is not only a good opportunity but also provides much needed medical care to the community. 

Unique Moonlighting Malpractice Insurance Considerations 

  1. Confirm that your current employment contract does not prohibit you from moonlighting.
  2. Don’t assume your current policy will cover you: Many physicians will try to have their primary liability insurance company pick up their extra hours, but usually they will exclude coverage for anything outside the doctor’s full-time practice. Most moonlighting policies are part-time. This means that the liability policy covers the physician for 20 hours or less per week. Physicians should be aware that the policies contain the same features as their full-time coverage, and if they leave the policy, and they have purchased a claims-made policy, they will have to purchase a tail.
  3. Different positions require different kinds of policies: Most of the admitted insurance companies will cover a moonlighting position, but it depends on the situation. Some moonlighting positions require approaching a surplus lines company. For instance, a physician that moonlights at a nursing home and treats another doctor’s patients, will more than likely have to go to a surplus lines company. Another example would be a doctor doing weight loss or certain medi-spa treatments.
  4. Moonlighting outside of your specialty: Most liability insurance companies will require proof-of-training in order to provide coverage.
  5. Know the details of your position: It is important to provide as much detail as possible about your moonlighting position to your liability agent when seeking coverage. You should provide your agent with : Name and address of position location, speciality, duties & responsibilities, number of hours per week and effective coverage date.

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How Does the Process Work?

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