Medical Malpractice Insurance for General Surgeons

General surgeons are a vital part of healthcare teams and play essential roles in treating common illnesses that can be alleviated with surgery. This critical,high risk role with large numbers of malpractice lawsuits requires protective measures including medical malpractice insurance. 

Unique Malpractice Risks for General Surgeons

The general surgeon is one of the most important parts of the team of doctors that is responsible for patient care.Surgery is a risk for patients and their doctors in terms of medical malpractice claims. Surgeons are often sued based on their technical skills and non-diagnostic judgment factors. 

There is also a shortage of general surgeons, which can create a few problems in the health industry including inadequate patient care and increased strain on current practicing surgeons. This increased strain and work demand puts general surgeons at greater risk for potential malpractice litigation. 

Why is Medical Liability Coverage for Surgeons so Important?

Medical liability coverage is important for every medical practitioner, regardless of the field they have chosen. For a general surgeon, the risks are exponentially higher. They are expected to have expertise in a wide variety of medical diagnosis and treatments. They also require expert technical skill for each surgery they perform. This technical skill adapts and changes with new technology and new research. The load for a general surgery is heavy, having robust malpractice insurance to protect their finances and their careers can help lessen that load. 

Why Do General Surgeons Pay Higher Insurance Premiums?

Because general surgery is considered a high-risk specialty, as are all surgical specialties, general surgeons must pay comparatively high premiums for medical malpractice insurance. Some surgeons have reported having to pay $73,000 a year for malpractice insurance. Unfortunately, insurance premium rates are expected to rise due to growing claims payouts and rising legal defense costs. There are ways to save money on medical malpractice insurance premiums, an experienced insurance broker can guide you. 

Save Money by Working with a Malpractice Insurance Agent

You can save money on your medical malpractice insurance by working with an insurance agent or broker. Brokers shop for the best available policies to determine which ones are best suited for your unique needs at the lowest cost. In the medical malpractice insurance industry, agent commissions are already built into your premium. You pay the same amount for coverage whether you use an agent or purchase directly from the insurance company. Let us be your advocate. Request your free medical malpractice insurance quote now.

Why General Surgeons Choose Cunningham Group

General surgeons choose Cunningham Group because we are one of the few medical malpractice insurance agencies that take the time to understand your specific employment situation and your approach to patient care. With access to every major medical malpractice insurance company in every state, our team is uniquely qualified to get you the best coverage at the most affordable price. Most agents only have access to one or two medical malpractice insurance companies. Our almost-universal access lets us shop your coverage among nearly every available company, which means malpractice insurers compete for your business.

How Does the Process Work?

  1. You will submit your information through a secure medical malpractice insurance quote form.
  2. You can always call us and speak to an agent immediately.
  3. A veteran medical malpractice insurance broker will be assigned to you.
  4. We shop your General Surgeon Insurance to every major malpractice insurance company in your state.
  5. Your agent will take the time and go over all of your options with you, explaining everything to make certain you make the right decision.
  6. We get you your insurance policy at the best price with a major insurance company.
  7. At renewal time: We start the shopping process all over again, getting you quotes from all the major malpractice insurance companies to again make certain you’re properly priced.

Request your free medical malpractice insurance quote and learn why more people choose us over anyone else in the nation.

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