New York OBs in Crisis

Side Note: If New York’s med mal system is in crisis, then its obstetricians are at the apex of that crisis. As we all know, New York physicians face some of the highest med mal premiums in the country and have some of the fewest choices when it comes to med mal insurance providers. And, as well all know, obstetricians face some of the highest med mal litigation rates in general. So, being an obstetrician is tough in New York, to say the least –and incredibly tough in New York City.

Being an Obstetrician in New York is so tough that many hospitals are eliminating their obstetric beds to remain financially viable and many Ob/Gyns are no longer practicing obstetrics because they cannot bear the cost of the med mal insurance. The article below even states that the risk of some obstetricians getting sued is so high in New York that some obstetricians who have never even been sued can’t get liability coverage. As a result, New York women are having a harder and harder time finding obstetric care within a reasonable distance of them. This toxic combination of a lack of significant tort reform and a decreasing number of New York obstetricians could spell disaster for New York women and their babies if left unaddressed.

The article below discusses the idea of incorporating patient safety protocols into obstetric practices in New York and how effective it might be in lowering the med mal insurance rates for obstetricians. It also recommends caps on pain and suffering damages as another means to help lower New York med mal insurance rates. We here at hope to see significant reform for all New York physicians soon.

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Patient safety? Tort reform? Both.
By Howard Minkoff
Published 12:01 a.m., Sunday, April 17, 2011

OB/GYN holding babyIn the recent debate about medical malpractice in New York, there is one point on which all parties agree: Enhanced patient safety must be part of the solution.

The Times Union recently cited a study out of New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center that reported decreasing malpractice premiums when obstetric safety initiatives were implemented (“State gets new bill,” April 4). Some commentators have suggested that malpractice reform would be unnecessary if such safety protocols were adopted by all hospitals.

The entire article can be found here.

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