Resolution #1: Avoid Med Mal Risk By Reviewing Office Manual

Physician Reviewing Policies and Procedures ManualHappy New Year! With the start of a new year, there are a lot of resolutions made. Some are more realistic than others and some are more practical than others. At we think giving your office policies and procedures manual an annual review and update (and then a review with your staff) is a great way to ensure that your medical practice will run smoothly over the next year and avoid unnecessary med mal risk.

Oh, wait –you want to avoid med mal risk, but you don’t have a office policies and procedures manual for your practice? Or, it’s not as complete as it should be? Well, you’re in luck –we do. As a courtesy to our clients, provides a free medical office policies and procedures manual. In addition to providing our physicians with med mal policies, we also like to provide them with practical tools they can use in their practice. At we not only view ourselves as medical malpractice insurance agents, we also view ourselves as physician advocates. That’s why we not only work to get you the best med mal coverage at the best price, but we also blog on topics that affect you and your practice, and we offer free, practical tools.

Use this office policies and procedures manual as a starting point, and customize it to your practice. Keep in mind that there might also be some new policies that you may want to add, like a policy on how to handle portable devices and smartphones. Such a policy might include: details on who in the office can use them; what devices are approved for use with patient data (can employees use their own smartphones?); what type of security must be installed on such devices; a procedure on how to remove devices from the office; and how to handle lost or stolen devices, etc.

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