Medi-Cal reimbursements to doctors, pharmacies and others could be cut

The 9th Circuit US Court of Appeals overturned injunctions that had kept the state from implementing a law passed in 2011 that cut Medi-Cal reimbursements by 10%.  Medi-Cal is a program specifically for California, but is similar to Medicaid.

This presents a major problem as the country gets ready for many of the provisions in the Affordable Care Act.  Will we see a mass exodus of doctors?  Most think that Obamacare will add 2 million new patients when it’s all said and done.

The ruling is supposed help deal with budget shortfalls…..but what is the real expense? We don’t like this court ruling and we do expect it to be repealed.  We just hope doctors stick around long enough for a higher court to come in and add some common sense.

To read more about this ruling and the impact it has on doctors in the state of California, click here.


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