McCain: Obama Plan Threatens Care, Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Reform Better Idea

side note: Sen. John McCain criticizes President Obama’s healthcare reform plans as hazard to quality of care; instead favors medical malpractice lawsuit reform.

U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said during a town hall in Sun City Tuesday morning that creation of a government-run health system would threaten the quality of medical care and pit the needs of consumers and seniors against national interests including the pharmaceutical industry and American Medical Association.

McCain said he supports medical malpractice lawsuit restrictions, more consumer choice and the status quo in terms of Medicare. “We don’t want to harm it,” McCain told a Sun City audience generally opposed to Obama’s plan and concerned that it would drastically changing Medicare.

The Sun City crowd booed when McCain said he believes Obama respects the U.S. Constitution. The Arizona senator noted support by the AARP seniors group, pharmaceutical industry and AMA for Obama’s plan to create a government health system to operate along side private providers.

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