Medical Malpractice Insurance for Physicians

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John S, a daily reader, sent this in recently:

As of May 2010 the not seasonally adjusted unemployment rate stands at 9.3%. This is down from the high of 10.6% that occurred in January of 2010, but still stands as the highest unemployment this country has faced in recent history. As legislators scramble to find solutions to this unprecedented unemployment we need to focus on one of the major stumbling blocks hindering job growth, the ever increasing cost to employers of providing employee health care.

Health Care expenses are the fastest growing cost component American business face. In 2008 the cost of employers’ health care premiums grew by 5%, a percentage twice the rate of inflation. The health cares premiums provided by employers have increased four times faster than employee earnings. Americans are earning less and paying more for health care coverage.

A major component of providing affordable health care, Medical Malpractice Insurance, is on the rise as well. According to the mature rate for an OB/GYN in Suffolk county New York was $177,000.00 in 2008, up from $156,000.00 in 2006, an increase of over 15% in just two years. As medical malpractice insurance rates increase so does the cost of providing employee health coverage.

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