Pa. woman sues over drink-fueled leg amputations

side note: In this case, a woman was brought to a hospital passed out from alcohol intoxication. In her medical malpractice lawsuit, she claims that she was left slumped in an awkward position, cutting off blood flow to her legs. Her legs needed to be amputated, and now she is suing for malpractice.

UNIONTOWN, Pa.—A western Pennsylvania woman who drank herself unconscious celebrating her 20th birthday says a hospital didn’t properly treat her resulting in partial amputations of both of her legs.

Shanna Hiles’ medical malpractice suit against Uniontown Hospital and one of its emergency physicians says she passed out while sitting on the floor with her legs tucked under her in May. Hiles was in that position for more than 12 hours, and she claims hospital officials didn’t properly diagnose her condition and work to restore circulation to her legs.

Instead, Hiles claims she was transferred to a Pittsburgh hospital several hours later where both legs were amputated at the knee.

A hospital spokeswoman has declined comment on the suit filed Tuesday.

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