International Medical Malpractice Insurance

Physician Viewing ImagesAs the leading medical malpractice insurance agency, we see a variety of different situations and opportunities to serve our clients. Today we will discuss a unique situation: the doctor that treats medical tourists or foreign patients and needs international medical malpractice insurance.

Here are some common scenarios:

International Medical Malpractice Insurance Scenario #1 is the physician that lives in the United States but has a connection to a foreign country and wishes to treat American patients in that country. Medical tourism is a new and growing medical care-giving industry. And, various countries are actively marketing their low-cost medical care and offering patients new alternatives. Recently, the agents at helped secure a policy for a Texas-based doctor to provide plastic surgery to Americans in the Caymen Islands. The doctor’s current medical malpractice insurance policy did not cover practice outside of the United States. We secured the physician a new international medical malpractice insurance policy that protected him from claims that originated in the Caymen Islands but that were were brought against him in the United States (not the Caymen Islands because the patients were American). Situations vary country to country, and this is just one example of the kind of coverage our clients have needed.

International Medical Malpractice Insurance Scenario #2 is doctors that travel abroad to do charity work. These physicians often need coverage but we have regularly found that it is often easiest and best to have the charity group list the physician under their own professional liability policy.

International Medical Malpractice Insurance Scenario #3 is telemedicine. This involves physicians based in the US seeing patients in foreign locations via technology, like a radiologist who lives in NYC but reviews slides from a hospital in Oman. Like Scenario #1, we encourage the physicians to get an international medical malpractice insurance policy that protects the physician from claims that originated in the foreign country but that are brought against him or her in the United States.

International medical malpractice insurance coverage is not nearly as daunting or scary as it sounds. If you are in need of such coverage, do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss your international medical malpractice insurance coverage needs.

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