Physician Assistant Liability Coverage

The demand for skilled physician assistants continues to grow and along with it the demand for physician assistant liability coverage. As a whole, liability coverage for physician assistants is very similar to the kinds of professional liability coverage for physicians.

Like physicians, physician assistants have the choice of having a claims-made policy or an occurrence policy. However, the cost of physician assistant coverage tends to be much lower for physician assistants than it is for a physician. Most claims-made policies range from $1,000-$3,000 per year, whereas most occurrence policies range from $2,000-$4,500 per year. Unlike a physician’s claims-made policy, a physician assistant liability policy does not increase in such a dramatic fashion. Most year-over-year increases are 10-20% as opposed to 50-75% increases that we see with physicians’ policies.

Another policy feature that is similar to a physician’s liability policy is that a physician’s claims-made policy will require a tail, and so do physician assistant policies. Tails are typically 2x the expiring premium.

There are about 4 or 5 national professional liability insurance companies that provide physician assistants coverage. Processing an application typically ranges from 24 hours to 7 business days. A physician assistant who is looking for immediate coverage should assemble the following documentation to expedite the process:

1. completed application
2. copy of state license
3. copy of expiring coverage declarations page
4. loss history and claim information
5. a brief description of the position to be covered

Because our firm specializes in med mal coverage, we have access to all of the top rated insurance carriers that specialize in physician assistant policies. We here at can provide you with multiple quotes, help you through the application process and make sure that you get the best coverage at the best price for your situation. And, if you have had claims in the past, we will help you minimize those claims so that you can get the best price possible for your physician assistant liability coverage.

Contact us today if you are a physician assistant in need of liability coverage. Quotes are free.

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