Two Odd Cases Our Med Mal Agents Have Seen

PhysicianEveryone makes mistakes. No one knows that better than we do. As med mal agents, we here at, have seen many, many kinds of health care errors, and many, many reasons for physicians to have to use their liability coverage, but a couple stand out as unusual, or particularly odd.

1. This one is a doozy. One of our med mal agents recently encountered a case where a physician not only posted before and after photos of patients online without blacking out the patients’ eyes, but he or she also listed the patients’ names as well. So, not only was the patient identifiable physically, but also by name! While this was most likely an accident, and the physician probably never intended on leaving that information, it just serves as a nice reminder for all of us. A physician can never be too cautious or too protective of his or her patients’ personal information and identity. With all of the ethical and legal imperatives to protect patient identity and privacy, physicians should keep in mind that patient privacy doesn’t just pertain to medical records –it is necessary even for case studies at conferences, posting online, talking in the elevator, etc.

2. Another interesting case encountered by one of our med mal agents was that of a patient who decided to do his or her own laser hair removal when the laser tech left the exam room, and then had it go horribly wrong and decided to sue for medical malpractice. And, to add insult to injury, the Medical Director of the Medi-Spa was named in the lawsuit, too. The lesson to be learned here is two-fold:
1. Don’t leave medical equipment on.
2. Don’t leave patients unattended in exam rooms.

Our med mal agents are here to serve you. And, rest assured, should you face a med mal lawsuit, our agents are physician advocates who will work to protect you.

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