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2021 Tennessee Malpractice Insurance Marketplace Guide

Tennessee Med-Mal Fast Facts

  • Most Common Limits of Liability: $1 million/$3 million
  • Major Malpractice Insurers:
    • State Volunteer Mutual
    • Lexington Insurance Co.
    • Steadfast Insurance Co.
    • Medical Protective Co.
    • ProAssurance Indemnity Co.
  • Cost of Medical Malpractice Insurance: Moderate
  • Pending State Legislation in 2021 that could affect your rates?: No

The Tennessee Malpractice Landscape

Tennessee has moderate malpractice insurance rates. State Volunteer Mutual Insurance Company (SVMIC) is the largest insurer in the state, but there are many other options for physicians to choose from. Tennessee has a relatively favorable climate for tort law, ranking number 21 in the Institute for Legal Reform’s 2015 report, Ranking the States: A Survey of the Fairness and Reasonableness of State Liability Systems. Additionally, according to data from the National Practitioner Databank (NPDB), the Volunteer State had fewer paid claims than the national average, with only 0.53 claims per 100 physicians, compared to the U.S. average of 0.97 per 100 physicians. All this helps make the Tennessee medical malpractice marketplace a good one for physicians.

Tort Reform in Tennessee

Several reforms to the state medical liability system have been successfully implemented in Tennessee, including a $750,000 cap on noneconomic damages (up to $1 million in cases of catastrophic injury) instituted in 2011. Previous reforms were passed in 2008, including reforms to joint-and-several liability, limits on attorney fees and other measures designed to curtail frivolous lawsuits.

The state’s noneconomic damage cap is currently being challenged as part of a lawsuit brought by Tennessee against makers of opioid painkillers. Tucked inside the lawsuit, is a challenge to the damage caps in Tennessee’s Civil Justice Act of 2011.

Does Tennessee have…

  • Damage Caps? Yes, noneconomic damages are capped at $750,000 ($1 million for catastrophic injuries).
  • Patient Compensation Fund? No
  • Apology Law? Yes, statements, writings and benevolent gestures can be made to a patient or patient’s family; statements of fault are admissible.
  • Collateral Source Reform? Yes, damages must be reduced by collateral sources of payment, not including the amount paid by the claimant to secure the benefit.
  • Periodic Payments? No
  • Joint Liability Reform? Yes, if multiple defendants are found liable, then noneconomic damages will be set according to each defendant’s percentage of fault, as long as the plaintiff’s comparative fault is not equal or greater than 50 percent.
  • Limits on Plaintiff Attorney’s Fees? Yes, attorney fees are awarded by the court and many not exceed 1/3 of total damages.

Medical Malpractice Rates in Tennessee


Medical malpractice rates in Tennessee are moderate, and have been holding steady or falling in recent years. Rates decreased following tort reforms in 2008 and 2011, and have remained moderate, with even specialists like obstetricians able to find policies for less than $50,000 in annual premium.

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By combining our efforts with those of the Medical Liability Monitor – the nation’s leading independent source of Medical Liability Insurance news, as well as the political, legal and risk management issues that affect the healthcare industry – we’ve published historic rate data for every county in the Volunteer State. You can view all the rates by completing the three simple steps on the left of this page. You’ll find the insights offered by this information invaluable when making your decision on your medical malpractice insurance coverage and carriers. This is only one of the many reasons that Cunningham Group Insurance has become the preferred online source for Tennessee physicians, healthcare professionals and medical groups looking to find the best coverage and lower their medical malpractice insurance rates.

Coverage by Tennessee County

Rates do not vary by county in Tennessee, but are set for the entire state. Even Shelby County (which includes the city of Memphis) and Davidson County (which includes Nashville) enjoy the same reasonable rates as the rest of the state.

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