Congress Pressured To Give Medicare Aid

Doctors Across Nation Relate Their Damages From Price Cuts.Washington, D.C.-Physicians and Doctors across the nation are sharing their stories with their Congressional representatives, stories about their not being able to offer the care and services to the disabled and elderly because of the price cuts and huge decreases in reimbursement from Medicare.

Many elderly and members who are disabled are not able to find health care anymore because ore and more doctors are refusing to accept patients who only have Medicare.

For example in Texas the number of Doctors in the state that accept Medicare has dropped to 52 percent.  Texas Doctors were well over 90 percent in accepting Medicare in the 1980s.

But rising costs of care, increases in supplies, as well as insurance and malpractice premium rises, along with repeated cuts has left many doctors simply unable to treat Medicare patients that have no other kind or type of insurance.

Congress needs to get the message because this has become critical for many people.

There are veterans and people with long term care issues such as diabetes, cancer, liver and kidney diseases, as well as other conditions requiring long term medical supervision and care.

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