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How Physicians are Affected by the Trump Tax Plan

By Healthcare Matters to Taxes


On a very special edition of Healthcare Matters, we speak with two tax experts about the 2018 Trump Tax Plan and how it affects physicians. Physicians were carved out of the Trump Tax Plan for unknown reasons.....even though most experts speculate it's because the major healthcare associations were against the repeal and replace of Obamacare. If you're not a physician or lawyer, you could potentially see your tax rates drop from roughly 37% to 21%. This can mean huge tax savings for business owners! Doctors need to be creative in how they structure themselves and their businesses to try and take advantage of the new tax laws. We spoke with two tax experts and they gave us essentially step by step advice as to what a physician needs to do to lower their taxes. Head over to our special Tax page to learn more. Other videos in this series: How Hospital-Employed Physicians are affected by the Trump Tax Plan