Nevada's Sharron Angle says there is nothing wrong with the U.S. health care system

Side note: Must be an election year! One of the biggest races shaping up this year is the Senatorial seat currently being held by the powerful Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. His primary challenger, Sharron Angle, the Republican candidate, wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Candidate Angle believes that heath care can be made affordable by implementing tort-reform. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), agrees with her. The CBO claims in a recent report that $50 billion could be saved over a ten year period if lawmakers implemented tort reform to lower the cost of medical malpractice insurance. Nevada is a state that has implemented caps on it medial malpractice insurance awards but the legislation is currently being looked at by the courts. Physician in Nevada do pay quite a bit for their medical malpractice insurance compared to the rest of the nation. For example, an OB/Gyn in Nevada (Clark County) paid $132,620 over a one year period if they purchased med-mal insurance from PIC Wisconsin.

Sheila Guilloton
Health Care Examiner

Sharron Angle, the Republican candidate trying to unseat Harry Reid, said that there is nothing wrong with the U.S. health care system. Speaking with reporter Marco Villarreal from KTNV Action News, Angle said that the U.S. has “the best healthcare system in the world.” She went on to say that “our doctors are the best.”

Wants the federal health care reform law repealed

On her official website, the candidate proposes the following solutions for health care.

She would repeal and replace ObamaCare. ObamaCare has become a pet name for the Affordable Care Act passed in March, 2010.

Angle lists replacement of ObamaCare as a necessary solution but does not offer any concrete ideas for a replacement plan. Her recent interview may explain why. She does not think there was anything wrong with the system as it existed in the U.S. prior to March 2010.

She would eliminate coverage mandates. Coverage mandates are a part of the Affordable Care Act so if it is repealed the federal mandatory coverage requirement would go away. Two states, Massachusetts and Hawaii, have state mandated coverage.

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