Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance – Give Employees a Better Bonus

Money can be a great motivator, but it only goes so far. Why not offer new and existing employees something that a raise or bonus can never give them? Peace of mind.

Bonuses and bigger wages can do a lot to motivate employees, but the problem with these types of incentives is that they’re soon forgotten. But programs and benefits such as group health insurance coverage is always there when employees are most in need. And it doesn’t just benefit employees, but the one thing they hold most dear and above all else: their family.

When they know their loved ones will always be looked after, you’ll have a happier employees, increased production, and be able to attract more quality employees.

Offer Employees and Their Families Lifelong Benefits With Group Health Insurance

Healthcare can quickly add up for families and these bills always come at the worst time — when families can least afford to cover them. And individual healthcare insurance, while helpful, can often be just too expensive.

By offering group health insurance, you can make sure your employees and their families are looked after while easing some of the worries and burdens that come with health problems. Group plans are often more affordable than private plans, and they often have better coverage, too.

For instance, individual plans often prohibit members from making a claim in the first 30 days and have a mandatory waiting period for maternity benefits and the treatment of certain diseases. Many individual healthcare plans also refuse to cover pre-existing diseases until after you’ve paid premiums for several years. This does nothing but frustrate members and leave them with piles of unpaid bills — the exact thing they were hoping to avoid.

Group health insurance, on the other hand, frequently provides members with full coverage from day one. These plans can often include a number of prevention options as well as treatments to help identify issues before they cause serious health problems or interfere with work performance. This reduces healthcare costs, recovery time, and sick days making everyone happier and healthier.

Affordable, Flexible Group Health Insurance That Meets Your Needs

Instead of expensive out-of-the box insurance solutions filled with services your employees will never use, Cunningham Group offers customizable group health insurance plans. After learning more about your company, we’ll help you choose the services and coverage that meet the needs of your company, employees and budget. These include indemnity, managed care, and catastrophic coverage. You can even add dental and prescription plans. Show your staff you care. Call contact our group health insurance experts now to learn more.

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