Four Advantages of Telemedicine

In Part III of our series, Physician Focus: Telemedicine, we speak with award-winning physician Jonathan Terry, DO, ABIHM, about the many advantages telemedicine provides to both patients and physicians. Dr. Terry explains how telemedicine can promote positive interactions between doctors and patients, provide cost-effective care, increase convenience to patients and provide access to care for underserved populations. Dr. Terry describes his own use of telemedicine in his practice, detailing how he uses telemedicine to reach rural and migrant patients across a large geographic area. Without telemedicine, these patients would have difficulty in accessing similar services, which are frequently unavailable locally.

According to Dr. Terry, telemedicine can also benefit doctor and patient by offering a more convenient way to access services. For example, many workers would find it advantageous to see a physician through telemedicine rather than taking time off from work to visit the doctor in person. Due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness, patient demand for telemedicine services is likely to increase in the future. To learn more about the advantages of telemedicine, watch Part III of our video series below. To see the full interview, click here.


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