7 Important Questions to Ask Your Professional Liability Agent

Seious Female PhysicianAt MyMedicalMalpracticeInsurance.com, we get asked a lot of questions every day. Today, we’d like to give you a list of the seven most important questions to ask your professional liability agent. Here they are:

7 Important Questions to Ask Your Professional Liability Agent

1. Is there a deductible? This one goes without saying. You need to know not only what you are paying for your physician liability insurance, but if you have a claim, how much will you then need to pay.

2. Does it cover me for moonlighting? Some physician liability policies cover moonlighting and some don’t. If you are considering moonlighting, make sure your agent is aware of this fact, so he or she can get you the policy you need.

3. Can I pay in installments? Again, not all policies are the same. If you’d like a payment plan, again let your insurance agent know.

4. Are there any discounts I can get? Or, do I qualify for discounts? This question can save you significant amounts of money. Often, insurance companies have brief, online continuing education-type programs, that if you complete them, they will give you a discount.

5. Are you exploring every available company –or just certain ones and why? When shopping for professional liability coverage, the key is to shop around and compare prices. By going to a large liability insurance agency, like MyMedicalMalpracticeInsurance.com, we can do the shopping for you and often get quotes from every reputable company in your specialty and region.

6. What do I do in case of a claim? No one wants to think about having a physician liability claim, but it is good to know, just in case.

7. Does my physician liability insurance company publish the percentage of claims that they win for their physicians? If so, what’s the rate for the company (or companies) you are recommending for me?

We hope these questions are helpful. Contact us with any additional questions –whether we are your current professional liability agent or not.

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