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Certainly, our first priority is finding you the right medical malpractice insurance at the most affordable rate, but we don’t feel our responsibility ends there. We also feel it’s important to work with you and help you find new ways to reduce your costs and improve your profitability.

We also want to help you answer any question you may have, which is why we created ALL MD. The Association of Liability Lawyers in Medical Defense is a group of attorneys that have been vetted by Cunningham Group. Have a risk management question? Have a contractual question? Have a licensing issue? Any legal issue you can think of can be answered by our team of ALL MD attorneys.

One way that we’ve found effective is to provide you with free tools for your practice. We’ve listed below some tools that may help you improve the management aspects of your practice. Please check them out and take advantage of them. We’re sure you’ll find them helpful.

They’re just one more reason why thousands of physicians and healthcare professionals continue to choose Cunningham Group as their preferred liability insurance provider.

Free Patient Satisfaction Survey System:
We believe that everyone in your practice plays a role in helping you lower your medical malpractice insurance costs. From the moment your patient walks in the front door, you want to measure their experience with everyone to ensure you aren’t missing something. This is where our Patient Satisfaction Survey System helps you track and figure those types of things out. Best of all, it’s free for all of our clients!

Free Risk Management Help Line -Phone and Email:
Have a question about anything related to Risk Management? We have an in-house Risk Management specialist ready to take your call or respond to your email. A free service for all of our clients.

Free Customizable Office Policies and Procedures Manual:
Every medical practice needs an office policies and procedures manual. Don’t have one yet? Well, we’ll create one that is unique for your practice and personal. We pride ourselves on helping you lower your risk, which directly leads to lowering your medical malpractice insurance costs.