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Dec 14, 2016
Special Report: The Future of the Medical Professional Liability Industry and the PPACA under a Trump Administration

The Future of the Medical Professional Liability, Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act Under a Trump Administration Having weathered two Supreme Court challenges and more than 60 repeal attempts by a GOP-controlled Congress, it was the 2016 election that ultimately handed the Republican Party the ammunition it needs to neuter the Patient Protection & Affordable […]

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Jul 26, 2011
CONFIRMED: Medical Malpractice Insurance Reform IS on the debt ceiling table.

Our source has just confirmed with their sources in the White House that medical malpractice insurance reform is on the table to try and get a debt-ceiling deal finalized by August 2nd. We hope that President Obama takes a physician-advocate approach when negotiating with the GOP leadership. Medical malpractice insurance reform has been something we’ve […]

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Jan 5, 2011
Louisiana Republicans Eager to Push Medical Malpractice Reform

Side note: Republican congressmen from Louisiana are eager for the new session of Congress to begin. The #1 item on their agenda…. the repeal of Obama’s historic health care overhaul. But there is one problem, they are uncertain of what they will propose in its place. Experts believe that the vote against health care reform […]

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Nov 11, 2010
Obamacare Fails to Address Tort Reform

Side note: The massive health care reform bill, passed by Congress earlier this year, did address many of the problems in the nation’s health care system. Yet it failed to address one of the key factors contributing to skyrocketing health care costs, medical malpractice law reform. Even though President Obama stated in a speech, given […]

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Oct 19, 2010
GOP divided on how to replace health overhaul law

Side note: There is one thing that the GOP agrees on; they plan to repeal Obama’s health care law, what they refer to as Obamacare. What they don’t agree on is what they will replace it with. The Republicans feel confident about gaining control of the House this year. They cite that there are approximately […]

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Apr 27, 2009
Shortage of Doctors Proves Obstacle to Obama Goals

side note: This nytimes article sheds light on some basic problems in healthcare. There is an acute shortage of primary care providers in this country. That impacts access to care. One solution in Congress is to increase the level of Medicare reimbursement to primary care providers. However the specialist groups say, don’t mess with our […]

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