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Nov 28, 2012
Indiana Supreme Court Rules PCF Cannot Contest Liability

On Oct. 31, the Indiana Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the state’s Patient Compensation Fund (PCF)—established to cover excess damages in medical malpractice cases—may not dispute the existence or cause of a plaintiff’s injury in a case in which the medical providers previously settled the claim, admitting liability. The decision, Robertson v. B.O., has led […]

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Oct 27, 2011
Indiana Medical Malpractice Insurance Rates Threatened by Courts

side note: Since 1975, capping non-economic (pain and suffering) damages in medical malpractice lawsuits has been considered the Gold Standard of effective tort reforms. There is gobs of data supporting the conclusion that state’s with non-economic damage caps have considerably lower medical malpractice insurance premiums than states of a comparable size and demographic that do […]

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Dec 29, 2010
Renowned Indiana Medical Malpractice Judge Retires

Side note: Judge Michael H. Eldred retired from the Vigo Superior Court on Tuesday Dec. 28. Judge Eldred had served on the Indiana court for more than 30 years and his retirement brought out everyone, who is anyone, in the Indiana Justice System. Known for his versatility, Judge Eldred presided over everything from criminal law […]

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Sep 3, 2010
Verdicts could tap $90M from state medical malpractice insurance fund

side note: Even while in police custody, the infamous fugitive Dr. Mark Weinberger is managing to bring harm to the citizens of Indiana. Experts fear that the 357 medical malpractice lawsuits that face Weinberger could end up costing the Indiana state medical malpractice fund over 90 million dollars. The depletion of the Indiana state fund […]

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