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Aug 26, 2019
How I Helped a Surgical Ophthalmologist Find New Medical Liability Insurance Coverage in Georgia After His Malpractice Insurer Went Bankrupt

It’s six a.m., and the phone is already ringing. As I put down my coffee and pick-up the telephone, I hear a frantic voice on the other end that is too fast to understand. “Sir, sir,” I interjected, “please slow down as I can’t understand you.” The gentleman took a deep breath before saying, “Sorry, […]

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Aug 13, 2019
How I Saved a General Surgeon $40k on Medical Liability Tail Coverage

A general surgeon in Savannah, Ga., recently called me in need of help with the high cost of tail coverage she was offered by her employer. She was leaving a group practice and moving out of state to take a new job. When she informed the group she was leaving, they told her she would […]

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Apr 29, 2013
Lawmakers Look to Keep Affordable Care Act Guidelines, Reimbursement Requirements Out of Medical Liability Lawsuits

Note: The article below first appeared in the May 2013 issue of the Medical Liability Monitor, a monthly newsletter reporting on the medical professional liability insurance and risk management industries. With the American healthcare delivery system bracing itself for a deluge of new patients who will gain access to medical treatment by the end of […]

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Jul 10, 2012
Poll Shows Georgia Doctors Favor New Medical Malpractice System

Patients for Fair Compensation recently conducted a poll of 330 Georgia physicians on whether they would support the creation of a new Patient Compensation System in cases of medical malpractice. According to the survey, 96 percent of Georgia doctors polled agreed a new system would reduce healthcare costs, and 95 percent said they would support […]

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Jan 29, 2012
Some New Georgia Med Mal Reform Ideas

We here at like to hear new ideas regarding tort reform –or new ideas of any kind regarding med mal reform. Although Georgia isn’t one of the worst states in terms of med mal rates, and rates have been relatively stable, we always see room for improvement. We just read an article detailing a […]

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May 18, 2011
Georgia Physicians Must Disclose Lack of Med Mal Coverage

Side Note: Georgia physicians have a new rule to play by. If a physician in the state of Georgia does not have physician liability insurance, he or she must disclose this to his or her patients. “Going bare,” as it is often called, is pretty uncommon, and should be, for several reasons. We here at […]

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Oct 19, 2010
Loopholes foil pill mill prosecution in Florida, Georgia

Side note: Prosecuting a “Pill Mill”, individuals who seek out multiple prescriptions of commonly abused prescription drugs for the sole purpose of illegal resale, often requires the same expense and level of expert testimony as a medical malpractice lawsuit. Since prescription drugs are legal the possession of the drugs is not a crime. Criminal intent […]

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Dec 2, 2009
Georgia House braces for medical malpractice tort reform rulings

side note: This seems to be how tort reform is unfolding in almost every state with tort reforms laws that cap non-economic damage on the books—court overturns legislation; legislators re-legislate. ATLANTA — A top GOP legislator vowed that lawmakers would quickly bolster Georgia’s new tort reform laws if any pieces are struck down by the […]

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Sep 28, 2009
Challenges to medical liability caps go before Georgia, Maryland high courts

side note: State Supreme Courts in Georgia and Maryland will rule on non-economic damages for liability cases, will they overturn legislation? AMED News High courts in Georgia and Maryland will decide the fate of caps on non-economic damages in medical liability cases in each state, two of the latest attempts to undo such award limits. […]

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