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Mar 29, 2012
Connecticut Legislators Threaten Medical Malpractice Insurance Rates

The Connecticut Senate Judiciary Committee recently approved legislation that would significantly hamper the effectiveness of the state’s 2005 medical malpractice tort reforms. In 2005, the Connecticut legislature passed a law that requires a person alleging medical malpractice to get a written opinion from a physician practicing in a similar specialty as the accused that supports […]

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Mar 16, 2012
Connecticut Legislature Looking to Weaken Expert Witness Rules, Raise Medical Malpractice Insurance Rates

A bill currently in front of the Connecticut General Assembly, and championed by the trial lawyers lobby, intends to weaken the definition of an expert witness in medical malpractice lawsuits. If the requirements attached to expert testimony are weakened, it would likely have an inflationary effect on medical malpractice insurance rates for healthcare workers practicing […]

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Dec 6, 2010
High Medical Malpractice Insurance Rates Causing a Doctor Shortage in Connecticut

Side note: Sky-high medical malpractice insurance rates, and cuts to Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements, are causing a shortage of doctors in the state of Connecticut. There is more of a demand for primary care physicians than there is doctors to fill the need; this is especially true in the state’s urban areas. Many patients who […]

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Oct 19, 2010
Foley announces health care plan for Connecticut

Side note: Citizens of the state of Connecticut have access to some of the finest health care available in the United States; unfortunately it is also some of the most expensive. The high cost of health care in Connecticut is straining family budgets and draining the state’s coffers as it drives jobs out of the […]

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Aug 9, 2010
Connecticut’s New Mediation Law No Panacea, Say Med-Mal Lawyers

Side note: In an effort to lower the cost of medical malpractice insurance in Connecticut lawmakers have imposed mandatory mediation in all medical malpractice cases. According to the new law all medical malpractice cases must undergo a 120 day period of mediation. After the period of mediation expires, if the two sides cannot come upon […]

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