President Obama will consider 4 GOP lawmaker options on Health Care

President Barack Obama has decided to take 4 Republican ideas and move forward to try and find some common ground and get something done with the proposed health care bill. The four ideas are:

1. Going after fraud by using undercover patients.
2. Putting more money back into the pockets of physicians that take medicare patients…..basically increasing medicare payment rates.
3. Issuing grants to states to limit med-mal lawsuits.
4. Expanding HSA’s in conjunction with high-deductible insurance policies.

I think that the President is offering this gesture, which will almost certainly be shot down by the Republican leadership, because it allows him to say “Hey, I tried to work with GOP leaders, but they wouldn’t work with me, even when I offered to include some of their very own ideas in the health care bill.”

We hope that the President also listens to physicians and makes sure that they don’t get the short end of the stick when the final bill is released. We need physician advocate groups such as SERMO and Docs4PatientCare to be heard on The Hill, and these politicians to realize that the best people to ask on how to help fix our health care problems in this country is to call upon the one group that is in the trenches every single day: Physicians.

You can read the President’s press release here.

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