Offers Doctors Affordable Solution to Electronic Medical Records, Inc. (“MMR”), a leading provider of Web-based Personal Health Records (“PHR”), has introduced MMR Pro, an easy-to-use, low-cost system to enable physicians and other healthcare providers to store their paper-based patient medical records in a secure online environment without requiring upfront costs for special hardware or software.

There is mounting pressure from the federal government for physicians to adopt electronic medical records (“EMR”), however, the cost of setting up an electronic medical record system can cost an estimated $40,000 per physician plus hardware and training.

MMR Pro enables doctors to get many of the benefits of EMR by digitizing patient files on a just-in-time basis the same day the patient leaves the office, with minimal disruption to existing workflow. MMR Pro physicians will also be afforded the option to have all “back-file” paper records indexed and scanned for online access at a nominal cost. Patients will be able to access and view their records at no cost from any Internet-connected computer.

Digitized patient files are stored on a secure Web site branded with the name of the physician practice. Then using MMRFreeView, patients will be able to view his or her individual records by logging into their account with a secure password.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) entitles patients to have copies of their medical records on request. MMR Pro will reduce the cost to the physician of providing these records through MMRFreeView.

MMR Pro physicians will also have the option to offer patients upgrades to a full account. MMR gives patients access to a complete online health management system for themselves and up to 10 members of their family regardless of physician or healthcare facility. These accounts include incoming fax and voicemail capability, a prescription drug interaction database of more than 20,000 medications, calendaring for prescription refills and doctor appointments, and a robust document management system into which medical records from both MMR Pro healthcare physicians and non-participating providers can be added for greater continuity of care. A account also includes an emergency login feature that allows a doctor to access pre-selected areas of a user’s account in the event of a medical emergency. This “patient upgrade” will also generate revenue to a physician for the life of the patient account regardless of where the patient is receiving medical treatment.

“We believe MMR Pro will make many features of costly EMR systems available to physicians for less than $500.00 per month,” said Robert H. Lorsch, Chairman and CEO of “The average physician office has 1,800 to 2,000 patient charts and if just 10 percent of patients convert to a full MMR account, offsetting revenue would be sufficient for a physician to have the service in their office for free with additional conversions generating revenue to offset front office costs.”

“MMR Pro will help physicians communicate with their patients more efficiently, educating patients on doctor’s instructions and potential adverse drug reactions,” Lorsch added.
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