Medical Liability Insurance: Tip #2 on how to lower your costs

We received a lot of great feedback on our first tip for the best ways to lower your medical liability insurance costs. We had so many emails asking me questions, so instead of answering them all one by one, I thought I’d build out my first tip for doctors on how they can lower their medical liability insurance costs.

As I mentioned in that first tip, you need to know if your broker or agent has access to multiple insurance carriers. We for example, in the state of Illinois, have access to 7+ insurance carriers. Now, I give Illinois as an example because Cook County (Chicago), is always listed as one of the worst places for a doctor to set up their practice because the cost of medical liability insurance is off the charts! Check out our unique, historic medical liability insurance rates in Illinois, by specialty and year. If you live in another state, you can click and check out the liability insurance rates for all 50 states.

Doctor liability insurance costs in Illinois do not have to be as high as most pay. Now, are we going to lower your costs in Illinois as if you were practicing in Texas? Simple answer is no. Can we place you with an insurance carrier in IL that has lower rates then others based on your claim’s history, specialty and county in Illinois? Simple answer….yes.

Medical Liability Insurance for doctors is one of the costliest parts of running and maintaining a health practice. We urge all doctors to make sure you’re paying the lowest cost for your liability insurance. We have been helping physicians lower their costs for decades, even if you’re not looking to change, let us show you what you should be paying. Click and request a free medical liablity insurance quote.

To summarize, there’s really no way to know for you to be certain if your local liability insurance broker has access to multiple insurance carriers. This is why we think that looking at an established broker, who has worked with 1000’s of physicians in all 50 states, and who is independent from making sure stock holders are happy, is the way for all doctors to get their medical liability insurance. If you want to know a little more about us, you can check out our About Us section, or, fill out the medical liability insurance quote form for doctors and you will get the service you deserve, and most importantly, you will get the price you expect.

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