Med Mal Insurance Rates by State

When we released the historic med mal insurance rate data for doctors a few months back, we knew we’d get some traction by offering this at no charge to our visitors, and hopefully future clients. We were shocked to find out how many people were interested in this type of med mal insurance data.

We thought doctors would want to know how much their colleagues in other parts of their state, or in other parts of the country were paying for their med mal insurance, but soon we were getting calls from journalists, professors, students, political parties….and so on.

We have been helping doctors since 1947 find the best med mal insurance rates all over the country………we know from our vast experience that doctors are sometimes kept in the dark when it comes to receiving competitive quotes through their insurance agent or broker, because, even though it is unethical, some agents will steer the doctor towards the insurance carrier that best suits the agent….not the doctor. This usually happens because the insurance agent needs to meet a quota from an insurance company……or the insurance agent’s company has stockholders that they must keep happy………the one that usually gets the short end of the stick is the doctor when either of these situations take place.

Another common scenario is when the doctor’s med mal insurance renewal date is near. Does your agent offer you competitive quotes from other companies? Or do they give you one or 2 numbers and say: “we think you should stay with company A.”

We are always asked by doctors and other health care professionals why they should purchase their med mal insurance through We not only tell them the above…..we also let them know that they need to be careful when dealing with other doctor med mal insurance sites out on the Internet.

In the age of privacy concerns on the Internet, Facebook being the latest……we encourage all doctors and physicians to review all of the other med mal insurance websites’ privacy policies and well as the language on their site. Some of these are pure lead generation sites, specializing in med mal insurance……they essentially take your information and sell it to the highest bidder. You need to be careful because, for marketing professionals, your personal information is valuable and could be sold to other sites that offer medical services, such as disability insurance, medical supplies…etc. Again, this is why Facebook is dealing with blow back of a similar model.

Are all med mal insurance sites doing this? The simple answer is no. Unfortunately for busy medical professionals…’s tough to tell. makes a pledge to every visitor that your information will never be sold to an outside entity. We have advanced security measures in place to ensure your data will never be tampered with or get into the wrong hands.

We have been specializing in med mal insurance for doctors for over 60 years and don’t plan on doing anything else. We know in today’s world, doctors pay extremely high med mal insurance rates all over the country. This is why we offer not only the historic med mal insurance rates, but other free practice tools to help you succeed.

Take a moment and fill out our easy med mal insurance quote form, your information is safe, the quote is free, and it could save you thousands of dollars.


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