Medical Facility Malpractice Insurance

The United States healthcare delivery system is changing. A paradigm shift from the old fee-for-service model to a continuum of care ideal offers many new entrepreneurial avenues for the delivery of specialized medicine. The result has been the advent of highly specific, standalone medical facilities—such as same day surgery centers, behavioral health centers, cancer treatment centers, long-term care facilities and outpatient specialty care clinics—that possess broad insurance needs. When searching for your medical facility malpractice insurance coverage, don’t forget the other products that you’ll need as well. Get quotes right now and see how much you can save.

While each medical facility will have distinct liability exposures based on the unique attributes of their specialty, following is a list of insurance products that almost every standalone complex will need to protect its employees and assets.

  • Medical Facility Malpractice insurance protects you and/or your employees from claims of negligent care. When searching for a medical facility malpractice insurance policy, one wants to consider terms such as whether it carries a consent-to-settle clause, whether defense costs will be subtracted from the amount available for indemnity payments and under what conditions an extended reporting endorsement (tail coverage) will be made available to you. Financial strength as well as the ability to meet current and future policyholder obligations should also weigh heavily when determining which medical malpractice insurer to do business with.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) protects a medical facility against employment-related lawsuits that allege discrimination, wrongful termination, a breach of contract, sexual harassment and invasion of privacy, among other actions. There are healthcare-specific EPLI products that meet the unique needs of a medical facility, offer coverage for legal defense costs as well as judgments and settlements arising from employment-related claims.
  • Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance protects a medical facility against lawsuits associated with the actions of its employed healthcare professionals. These exposures include failure to maintain the confidentiality of patient information and other HIPAA violations, negligence of employed healthcare providers, liability stemming from provider selection as well as vicarious liability when named in a lawsuit based on ostensible agency.
  • Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance provides coverage for a medical facility’s governing board. Whereas E&O coverage protects the facility against errors, omissions and breach of duties, D&O Insurance protects the individuals governing the facility from the same actions.
  • Medical Practice Office Insurance protects your medical facility against business and premises liability (Business Owners), medical expenses and disability benefits for your employees with coverage protecting your practice’s liability for work related injuries (Workers Comp) and additional business liability and asset protection (Commercial Umbrella).

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