Medical Malpractice Insurance for Psychiatrists

The cost of Medical Malpractice Insurance for Psychiatrists can greatly vary depending on where you practice—more specifically, in which state and county. Another major contributing factor can be whether your insurance agent has access to every major insurance company writing medical malpractice insurance policies for Psychiatrists. Most agents only have access to only 20 to 30 percent of the available malpractice insurance companies. That other 70 to 80 percent could be less expensive and offer better terms. We have access to every major malpractice insurance company in the nation, including the ones you see rotating below. Click here to request your free med-mal insurance quote.

Liability Coverage and Psychiatrists
Psychiatrists should consider the following factors when selecting professional liability insurance:

  • Competence of Counsel
  • Access to Attorneys for Pre-Suit Advice
  • Consent to Settle Clause
  • Company Reputation and Financial Strength
  • Understandable Policy Language
  • Coverage Designed for Psychiatrists
  • High-Quality Customer Service

Psychiatrists looking for medical malpractice insurance should consider these factors as well as premium cost when choosing an insurance company.
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