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Plastic surgeons specialize in reshaping, resculpting or reconstructing the body. Often the surgeon is tasked with correcting a malformation of—or restoring function to—an external body part. Examples would include the repair of skin tissue following a burn accident or the reconstruction of a breast after a woman’s cancer treatment. Other times, plastic surgeons are engaged for purely aesthetic purposes, and this practice has broad liability issues unique to the specialty of plastic surgery.

The majority of medical malpractice claims against plastic surgeons come from the elective, cosmetic portion of their practice. This portion of a plastic surgeon’s practice is unique from almost every other medical specialty because the role the surgeon plays is not to make a sick person well. Instead, it is to make a well person even better.

Elective plastic surgery is unique in that the surgeon’s work is judged not by the alleviation of pain or discomfort, but against the personal, and often unrealistic, expectations of the patient. And because elective procedures are rarely covered by a patient’s health insurance plan, the patient has made a considerable investment with the expectation their desires will be met.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the most effective risk management tool a plastic surgeon has is his or her ability to communicate to the patient what they can reasonably expect as a surgical outcome, while fostering a surgeon-patient relationship based on the ethical principles of respect for individual autonomy and dignity.

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