Oral Surgeons Malpractice Insurance

Oral Surgeons serve a distinct surgical niche, and oral surgeon malpractice insurance represents a significant portion of their cost of doing business. After completing dental school, Oral Surgeons continue their education in an American Dental Association-accredited, hospital-based surgical residency program for a minimum of four years.

Oral surgeons receive schooling alongside medical residents studying other specialties such as internal medicine, general surgery and anesthesiology. Oral surgery specialists also receive additional training in the ear, nose and throat regions as well as plastic surgery and emergency medicine. Oral Surgeons train almost exclusively on the hard and soft tissue of the face, mouth and jaw, performing cleft and craniofacial surgery, outpatient anesthesia, facial trauma surgery, dentoalveolar surgery to manage diseases of the teeth and their supporting soft and hard tissues, temporomandibular joint surgery, surgical correction of maxillofacial skeletal deformities and facial reconstructive surgery.

These specialists pay significantly more for oral surgeon malpractice insurance than their counterparts in traditional dentistry. Depending on where you practice, Oral Surgeons can pay as much as $15,000 to $20,000 in annual premium. For this reason, it is crucial to your business success to work with an experienced medical malpractice insurance broker.

In addition to the larger, most-well-known malpractice insurance companies covering Oral Surgeons, we also have access to smaller, more-boutique liability writers. Many times, these companies will offer lower premiums or additional credits in order to gain your business. Only an experienced broker, with access to a wide range of malpractice insurance companies, can get insurance providers to compete for your business.

At Cunningham Group, our team of experienced medical malpractice insurance specialists is trained and eager to help you reduce the cost of your oral surgeon malpractice insurance. In addition to getting insurance companies to bid for your business, we can help you maximize risk management credits and discounts. Request your free medical malpractice insurance quote today.