Malpractice Insurance for Direct Primary Care and Concierge Physicians

Direct Primary Care (DPC) and Concierge physicians practice medicine with a different approach. While each type varies slightly in their methods, they share a much stronger focus on the doctor/patient relationship. Typically, these doctors will have a roster of no more than 700-800 total patients, and their patients will have immediate access to their doctor – be it by phone call, text message or email. Both types of doctors typically run their practice with a paid membership model that helps cover expenses and keeps their practices profitable with the ability to grow. Concierge doctors will frequently accept many health insurance plans, while DPC doctors do not. They both typically include most common procedures for their pool of patients (physicals, x-rays, exams…etc).

Patients who are members of a DPC or Concierge practice generally report having a better experience with their physicians than others. We have worked with most of the major insurance companies that have a rating for Concierge/DPC doctors to show them that these physicians are a lower risk and should therefore have their medical malpractice insurance rates reduced. We will continue to help bring these two specialties into the mainstream because we believe that malpractice rates should reflect this lower risk.

Physicians who shop their coverage with us typically see a savings of 20-40% off their medical malpractice premiums with a national, financially strong “A rated carrier. Get your free, no obligation medical malpractice insurance quote now.

How we help DPC & Concierge Doctors

  • 20-40% Savings.
  • Quotes from every major “A”-rated National Carrier (AM BEST).
  • Claims-made & Occurrence policies.
  • We worked with DPC & Concierge physicians to help change the pricing for this physician community.
  • We work with Direct Primary Care and Concierge thought-leaders to continuously improve this exclusive program.
  • Our goal is to help you bring Direct Primary Care and Concierge medicine into the mainstream by recognizing your lower risk profile. We started working closely with the leading DPC/Concierge physicians back in 2015.
  • Cunningham Group is a national medical malpractice insurance agency that has developed dozens of programs to assist the independent physician. We pride ourselves on helping you and your practice thrive.

Request your free, no obligation medical malpractice insurance quote now.

Exclusive DPC/Concierge Malpractice Insurance Program Update 2021

Due to recent market conditions, the A-rated carrier that we developed the first national DPC Malpractice Insurance program opted to terminate the program. We here at Cunningham Group understand the importance of your specialties and we are in talks with other A-rated carriers to redeploy the program. Please feel free to reach out any time for an update. 

We can still offer coverage to all DPC and Concierge doctors through the traditional means – by getting you quotes from all the major carriers.  Get yours now.