Legislation opens up telemedicine opportunities

by John Davis

In an effort to allow the Guam Memorial Hospital to take full advantage of telemedicine equipment recently donated from Guam Radiology Consultants and the Guam Healthcare and Hospital Development Foundation, Senator Rory Respicio (D) introduced Bill 245. The measure amends the existing Physician’s Practice Act by adding language excluding any licensure requirements for licensed physicians residing outside Guam who provide consultations to local physicians through telemedicine.

Until that particular legislation is passed and signed into law, Guam Board of Medical Examiners chairman Dr. Ricardo Eusebio says Guam medical licenses must be obtained. He says even the Federation of State Licensure Boards require some type of license to practice telemedicine, noting, “The Federation recommends that the boards have a telemedicine license, a specific telemedicine license that is different from the licensure you require to practice medicine within the state.”

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