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  • Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability

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    It’s an unfortunate fact that in any business environment, the potential always exists for an employee to become ill or be injured on the job. Certainly, some environments present greater risks than others, but none are totally free of risk.

    Employers have the legal and moral responsibility to keep the workplace as safe as reasonably possible from such risks, but still, situations can arise, sometimes suddenly, that are out of the business’ control. This is why having workers’ compensation and employer’s liability insurance is sound protection for any business, as well as being a legal requirement in most jurisdictions.
    The Cunningham Group is familiar with the requirements of all the individual states and can present you with the most cost-effective coverage to satisfy the legal requirements in your region and give you peace of mind. Accidents can be devastating to both employees and employers, but having the right coverage can help minimize the effects for both.

    What is covered?

    This can vary greatly from state to state, but the most typical components are:

    • compensation for lost wages due to injury or illness suffered as a result of employment
    • coverage of medical expenses due to injury or illness suffered as a result of employment
    • provision for ongoing disability payments for disabilities suffered as a result of employment
    • payment of death benefits to the beneficiary of employee in the event of a work related death

    The premise is that employees should not have to suffer the consequences of injuries or illnesses sustained as a result of their employment. The laws from state to state vary between being mandatory for all employees in every work situation and the insurance being entirely optional for the employer.

    We stay up to date on the shifting requirements in every state, so that we can find you the best coverage at the best rates in your area. Contact us or fill out our workers’ compensation inquiry form and one of our expert counselors will respond promptly to present you with the best options available.