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2021 Missouri Malpractice Insurance Marketplace Guide

Missouri Med-Mal Fast Facts

  • Most Common Limits of Liability: $1 million/$3 million
  • Major Malpractice Insurers:
    • Missouri Hospital Plan
    • Medical Protective Co.
    • Missouri Professionals Mutual
    • Medical Liability Alliance
    • ProAssurance Indemnity Co.
  • Cost of Medical Malpractice Insurance: Moderate
  • Pending State Legislation in 2021 that could affect your rates?: No

The Missouri Malpractice Landscape

Missouri physicians pay relatively moderate premiums for their medical malpractice insurance, especially when compared to their neighbors to the east. Though comprehensive reforms to the state’s medical liability system were passed in 2005, portions of these reforms have since been overturned by the Missouri Supreme Court, and the overall effect has not been as profound as reformers had hoped. At the same time, Missouri has many insurers in its marketplace, and, in recent years, rates have been falling.

Tort Reform in Missouri

Missouri has reformed its medical liability system many times. In 1986, the state capped noneconomic damages at $350,000, with built in adjustments for inflation. By 2005, the noneconomic damages cap had ballooned to $579,000. With malpractice rates continuing to rise, the Missouri General Assembly took action in 2005, passing HB 393, which modified 19 sections of the Revised Statutes of Missouri relating to tort damages, with the greatest impact on medical malpractice tort actions.

HB 393 revised the state’s cap on noneconomic damages, making it a “hard cap” of $350,000 and removing the provision to adjust the cap for inflation. Unfortunately for Missouri physicians, this cap was overturned in 2012, with the Missouri Supreme Court declaring it unconstitutional because it violated the right to have a jury determine compensation. Because of this decision, Missouri no longer has a cap on noneconomic damages.

Other provisions of HB 393 are still in place, including restrictions to joint-and-several liability so that a defendant can only be held jointly liable if he or she is found to be more than 51 percent at fault. A defendant found to be less than 51 percent at fault can only be held responsible for damages in proportion to his or her degree of fault. HB 393 also restricted venue shopping, requiring that the trial be located wherever the plaintiff was residing when the injury first occurred.

In 2017, Missouri enacted collateral source reform. Previously, defendant physicians were barred from introducing evidence that part of a plaintiff’s loss was paid for by a party independent of the defendant (e.g., healthcare insurance or public benefits). Under the new reform, the law provides that where the defendant or the defendant’s insurer has paid a portion of the plaintiff’s medical expenses, these sums are not recoverable from the defendant. The new law also relies on the “actual cost” of medical care, rather than “value” of medical care.

Also in 2017, Missouri adopted the more strict Daubert Standard for what expert testimony can be introduced at a medical liability trial.

Does Missouri have...

  • Damage Caps? No, Missouri’s earlier noneconomic cap for medical malpractice cases was overturned in 2012. For wrongful death cases, noneconomic damages are capped at $350,000.
  • Patient Compensation Fund? No
  • Apology Law? Yes, statements, writings, or benevolent gestures expressing sympathy or a general sense of benevolence can be made to that person or that person’s family in the event of pain, suffering or death of a person. Statements of fault are admissible.
  • Joint Liability Reform? Yes, a defendant who is greater than 51 percent at fault can be held liable for all damages; defendants who are 51 percent or less at fault can only be held liable for damages up to their proportionate degree of fault.
  • Collateral Source Reform? Yes
  • Periodic Payments? Yes, if a judgment is more than $100,000 courts will consider periodic payments.
  • Limits on Plaintiff Attorney’s Fees? No

Medical Malpractice Rates in Missouri


Medical malpractice rates in Missouri are moderate and have been coming down recent years. Missouri obstetricians can expect to pay premiums of at least $50,000, with higher rates in some parts of the state. General practitioner rates can range up to $20,000 or more, though premiums in some parts of Missouri can be considerably lower.

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By combining our efforts with those of the Medical Liability Monitor – the nation’s leading independent source of Medical Liability Insurance news, as well as the political, legal and risk management issues that affect the healthcare industry – we’ve published historic rate data for every county in the Show Me State. You can view all the rates by completing the three simple steps on the left of this page. You’ll find the insights offered by this information invaluable when making your decision on your medical malpractice insurance coverage and carriers. This is only one of the many reasons that Cunningham Group Insurance has become the preferred online source for Missouri physicians, healthcare professionals and medical groups looking to find the best coverage and lower their medical malpractice insurance rates.

Coverage by Missouri County

Rates vary somewhat across Missouri’s 114 counties and one independent city (St. Louis is not part of any county, having voted to secede from St. Louis County in 1876). Higher rates can be found near St. Louis City, and in St. Louis County and surrounding areas, like Franklin, Jefferson and Saint Charles counties. Premiums can also be higher in the Kansas City area of Jackson and Clay counties.

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