Five Practice Resolutions You Should Make This Year

Side Note: Inspired by the new year, one of our favorite medical blogs,, has put together a list of five things you can to do improve your practice this year. However, while the list is short, it is very technology-based and the items are no small tasks for any practice –like implementing EMR and participating in the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI). While daunting at first, the article does suggest an order in which the items should be rolled out in a practice, to increase ease of implementation and success. So go ahead, get started. And take it one step at a time –you (and your practice) will be glad you did.

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5 ways to improve your medical practice in 2011
Rosemarie Nelson, MS

Here are five things that you should have on your 2011 To-Do list.

1. Start electronic prescribing. What have you been waiting for? The EMR/EHR? (See number 4 below.) Electronic prescribing can work in a stand-alone (no EMR/EHR) environment. Work flow can be modified, and you will benefit tremendously with additional nurse time available to you after the nurses realize how much phone time they save each day.

Article can be found HERE.

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