How Common are Ransomware Attacks on Hospitals?

In Part III of our Healthcare Matters interview series, What You Need to Know: Hospital Ransomware Attacks, we ask Tom Andre, VP of Information Services at CAP, Inc., how common a problem ransomware attacks are for hospitals. Though it is difficult to determine exact numbers, as many hospitals and other organizations will not disclose when they are victimized, Mr. Andre discusses how new ransomware programs can rapidly affect computers and systems, putting everyone at risk.

For example, Mr. Andre details how Locky, a recently-arisen ransomware program, “…was infecting computers at a rate of 90,000 per day.” Though the ransoms requested are often small (according to Mr. Andre, the average ransom is only about $500) the large numbers of computers being infected can make these schemes highly profitable. To learn more, watch Part III of our series below, or click here for the full interview.


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