Healthcare Defense Attorneys Protecting Physicians and Their Reputations

Please note that some lawyers are licensed to practice in multiple states.

Photo of Michael Alan Yanof

Michael Alan Yanof

Thompson, Coe, Cousins & Irons, LLPMedical Malpractice, Head of Appellate Section
Home 700 N. Pearl St. 25th Floor Dallas TX 75201 USA Home Phone: 2148718270 Website: http://www.thompsoncoe.com
Photo of John R Shepperd

John R Shepperd

Partner Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker, LLPMedical Malpractice Defense
Home 909 Fannin Street Suite 3300 Houston Texas 77025 Work Phone: 713-353-2010
Photo of Robert A Bragalone

Robert A Bragalone

Gordon & Rees LLP
Work 2100 Ross Avenue Suite 2800 Dallas TX 75201 USA Work Phone: (214) 231-4660 Website: Biography
Photo of Noreen Cabrera

Noreen Cabrera

Baugh, Dalton, Carlson & Ryan, LLCDallas Office
Work 3625 Hall St., Suite 710 Dallas TX 75219 Work Phone: 214 382 2562 Website: http://www.baughdaltonlaw.com
Photo of Roger A. Berger

Roger A. Berger

Cooper & Scully PC
Work 815 Walker Street Suite 1040 Houston Texas 77002 United States Work Phone: 713-236-6815 Website: Cooper & Scully PC
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Tamara M Madden RN, JD

Johnson, Trent, West & Taylor, LLPPartner
Work Johnson, Trent, West & Taylor, LLP 919 Milam Suite 1700 Houston TX 77002 USA Work Phone: 713-850-0551