Association of Liability Lawyers in Medical Defense


About ALL MD

Cunningham Group established ALL MD to further help our healthcare clients navigate the many risk corridors of modern medicine. Today’s healthcare landscape is constantly evolving, and Cunningham Group is here for you—every step of the way.

The mission of the Association of Liability Lawyers in Medical Defense (ALL MD) is to serve as a nation-wide organization to connect health care providers with lawyers who specialize in healthcare defense.

To that end, ALL MD’s goals are to:

  • Foster relationship building and professional networking between health care providers and defense lawyers;
  • Create an online resource of defense-only medical liability lawyers by state for health care providers to turn to when in need of legal counsel or advice;
  • Provide our members with a professionally discounted subscription rate to the Medical Liability Monitor, the nation’s leading liability newsletter.
  • Provide defense-only lawyers opportunities to write professionally for health care and insurance-based audiences, including the Medical Liability Monitor, and for websites that have heavy physician-based audiences.
  • Provide defense-only lawyers opportunities to give educational webinars to physicians in their state, to help them reduce and manage their medical malpractice risk from a legal perspective.
  • Make available, as possible, the Editor and selected authors from the Medical Liability Monitor, who write for a physician audience on a daily basis, to provide expert, physician-focused content for your website that will help drive physician web traffic to your site.

If you’re a doctor or healthcare professional looking to speak to a lawyer in your state that specializes in Medical Liability defense, click here. If you’re a medical liability lawyer and want to join ALL MD, click here.

Erik Leander
ALL MD Executive Director