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Access MedMal Program Details

With more than 60 years of service to the healthcare community, Cunningham Group represents local, regional and national insurance companies that have historically demonstrated strong financial stability, market commitment, underwriting expertise and superior claims and risk management services. The physician medical malpractice insurance market currently exceeds $9 billion in annual premium. With that in mind, we have created Cunningham Group’s Access MedMal insurance program to make it easy for you to get a share of those commissions. (click here to fill out the quick and easy contact form)

doctor with two medical malpractice insurance brokers

Do you have physician clients, prospects, friends, relatives, neighbors or acquaintances? How about doctors you and your family visit for medical services or the physicians in your community and your place of worship? Do you work with healthcare facilities or other types of healthcare professionals?

Would you like to share in the medical malpractice insurance commissions, but don’t have the insurance company access or product knowledge to go after this segment of the business?

Now it’s easy for you to get your share of the medical malpractice insurance commissions. We can provide an experienced Access MedMal sales rep to be on conference calls with you – or even make the calls on your behalf. We take a unique approach to each Access MedMal client. Whether you want our support at every step of the way or you prefer to work independently, we will be there to walk you through any special circumstances or questions you have so you can obtain the best insurance product for your physician client. In addition, we constantly monitor the marketplace to find and provide our physician clients the products and services to enhance their practices.

Through Access MedMal, you have a great opportunity to add additional insurance products and increase your revenue. Leverage our expertise to help you expand your scope of business and reach out to the physicians, surgery centers and all other types of healthcare providers with an annual premium of $7500 and above. If you’re unsure what the annual premium will be, contact us and we’ll let you know if your potential account will qualify.

Our Access MedMal team is led by a veteran agent, who has more than 14 years of experience in the medical malpractice area. We will also provide you access to ALL MD, our nationwide network of experienced medical liability defense lawyers. Get Started with Access MedMal © today and GET YOUR SHARE!

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