Access Med Mal FAQ

IIA of Illinois Endorsed Medical Malpractice Insurance Program



  • What is an average premium for one MD/DO?
    The statewide average premium for a full-time MD/DO is $35,000. Some specialties average higher (Ob/Gyn = $75,000), and some counties (e.g. Cook, Madison, St. Clair) average higher.
  • How much of my time and effort is required?
    Often, very little. Due to recent market conditions, in most cases, doctors are not changing insurers. Most of your business will be by broker-of-record letter.
  • Why would a doctor appoint me by broker-of-record letter?
    Most doctors have little or no relationship with their malpractice agent. Many doctors have never met their agent. Some doctors donʼt have an agent. With your relationship and our expertise, doctors will be happy to appoint you as their agent.
  • What value-added services does Cunningham Group offer to help me become successful?
    A “veteran” Cunningham Group sales rep is available to go on appointments or be on a conference sales call with you. We can even make sales calls on your behalf. Just make an introduction. We also provide a “free” risk manager as well as billing-and-coding helpline staffed by our certified healthcare risk manager and certified coding specialist. No other agent offers these services. We can also provide malpractice insurance educational seminars for doctors and/or office managers at hospitals or large clinics.