Long Term Client Testimonials

Below is what some of our clients that have renewed their policies with us have to say about our prices and service over the course of multiple years. We know that cost and trust are the two most important factors when shopping for your medical malpractice insurance. We pride ourselves at being the best in the nation at both! We feel we’ve done our job when a current client renews with us!

In the two and a half years since we have worked together to assure me coverage, I have been so impressed with your hard work, skill, knowledge, and professionalism. Your efforts on my behalf first to find me an appropriate tail policy when I chose to leave my private practice in 2010 and then to find me new coverage when I took a new position in 2013 was intense, timely and very much appreciated. After a long and admirable career in Community Medicine, I was saddened to be made to feel like just a number to the underwriters in the major New York State carriers. You and your staff got me where I needed to be within the time frame required.

Pediatrician, NY

I have had the pleasure to work with David for the last 2 years. He has been the contact person at Cunningham Group. David has always been very helpful and has answered all my questions in a timely manner. He is always ready to clarify my doubts and concerns.

I highly recommend David without hesitation. Without a doubt, anyone will be very satisfied with the wonderful service he provides to his customers.

Physician/Medi-spa, NM

Tim is so easy to work with. He is very prompt at returning emails/calls. As an office manager and the go between for the doctor and adjuster it is nice to have someone to communicate quickly and easily with. He made renewal a breeze.

Office Manager, MS

Cunningham Group has been instrumental in IRC’s growth. The service level and professionalism of Jason Leander has been over the top. Working with many new providers Cunningham Group has walked them through the insurance process with patience and their best interest in mind. Cunningham Group is IRC’s preferred company for malpractice insurance.


I would definitely recommend David Leander as an insurance agent for a fellow physician. He is attentive, diligent and consistently prompts assisting me with my insurance needs. The logistics of my insurance coverage is one less thing I need to deal with because I am confident David is getting the job done on my behalf.

Physician, IL

It has been a pleasure in doing business with David Leander. He has been so professional and responsive to my needs. I would highly recommend any one obtaining their insurance through him.

Family Practice, NC

David Leander is very knowledgeable, conscientious, and thorough. He succeeded in meeting my unusual insurance needs where other agents failed. Mr. Leander has my highest recommendation.

Pathologist, NC

I have been working with David Leander since 2008. He has consistently been professional and gone above and beyond for me when I needed his help. His honesty and thoroughness is both refreshing and greatly appreciated. Thank you David and keep up the great work!

Physician, GA

David Leander did an incredible job! I highly recommend him. He has such a great attitude that is why he is so helpful. He is an honest hard-working guy and extremely reliable. I am beyond satisfied with his service. Thank you David!

Family Practice, TX

I have been very pleased with the response and care I received in obtaining my malpractice coverage from CunninghamGroupINS.com. David Leander with Cunningham Group has been helpful and informative. He has been prompt in responding to my questions and more than available when I have had certain needs. I would recommend them without reservation for malpractice coverage.

Internist, IN

Dear Mr. Leander,

Thank you for sending my new certificate of insurance. It looks good. You have been an excellent communicator, and I have appreciated your diligence and patience with me, in navigating the insurance process.

Psychiatrist, MI

Thank you, Thank you!!!

I will definitely put out there what a great “PR” man you are! You have helped me understand things I never knew before and never made me feel stupid when I did not understand until you made it clear that i understood before we hung up the phone. I have encourage many Doctor to call your Company because of the personal “class act” that is given by you. “David Leander.”

Orthopedic Surgeon, NY

David has done an excellent job for me with my med malpractice needs. He has been very thorough, extremely attentive and responsive. I highly recommend David and his group for any Physician in need of med malpractice insurance.

Physician, FL

I have had such a positive experience working with Mr. David Leander. During my transition from a group practice to an independent contractor, he was very helpful and patient with me as I tried to navigate around tail coverage and malpractice insurance. I have complete trust in him, and I am so thankful that he was highly recommended to me from a colleague. I have done the same, and will not hesitate, in recommending David to assist in any new or experienced physician’s medical malpractice insurance needs.


Hi David,

I am writing to recommend your services to anyone needing them. As you know, when I came to you 4 or 5 years ago, I was unable to get any affordable malpractice insurance. I have a complicated history with actions against me by the Board of Medicine as well as a malpractice case against me. It seems to me that when one’s record is complicated by such things, it can be nearly impossible to get any coverage. You were able to get good coverage quickly and much more affordable than I had before.

You are always quickly and professionally responsive in our communications.

It has been a real pleasure working with you.

Family Practice, VA

Tim Arnieri is a very helpful and easy to deal with gentleman. He is incredibly communicative and gets things done incredibly quickly. I have used him and his firm for malpractice insurance on two occasions in two years and have been nothing but pleased when dealing with him and the Cunningham Group. I will definitely use the group for any future needs.

Medical Student, LA

Once again I had a very pleasant experience with my malpractice insurance and Cunningham group. Mr. Trent Iliff is very helpful, fast and knowledgeable. He is a very pleasant person to deal with and always makes sure I have my concerns taken care of. I am very happy I made this choice and once again I would e happy to recommend your service to all my colleagues. Thanks!

Dentist, CA

David Leander of Cunningham Group is an outstanding malpractice insurance agent. Mr. Leander found insurance to meet my unique needs when other agents fumbled. He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, patient, and reliable. Mr. Leander is a pleasure to work with.

Pathologist, NC

David always provides me a range of options when considering what malpractice carrier to use for myself and the PAs that I hire. He is also easy to communicate with and follows up very quickly.

Neurologist, VA

I want to thank you for the excellent work you’ve done for us over the past 4 years on our medical malpractice insurance. When we initially worked with you it was during a real difficult time and we were under a real time crunch to obtain appropriate malpractice coverage. You’re reassurance that you could get us taken care of was appreciated but even more important is that you performed just as you promised you would. On each subsequent renewal you’ve always ensured the processing was complete well ahead of the expiration which takes all the stress out of it. I recommend, without reservation, you and your services to anyone in need of an outstanding insurance broker. Please feel free to pass this note on to any of your perspective clients.

Eye Center, UT

Dave, thanks for your superior service concerning my insurance. You are easy to communicate with and always mindful of my needs.

Ophthalmology, IL

Mr. Arnieri, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your communicating with me on a regular basis and responding so promptly to my queries. Your efficiency in handling my medical liability insurance bodes well for me in my busy world. I can count on you to ensure that I know when my insurance is due for renewal and to answer all of my questions as they come up. It fares well for your organization, as you reflect their philosophy and attention to customer service and detail.

Thank you again for all that you do for me concerning my medical liability insurance.

Family Practice, PA

I have found Mr. Arnieri of the Cunningham group extremely customer oriented and responsive to my insurance needs. The rates were the best I found and with the quick customer response to inquiry it was an easy choice. I would highly recommend him and the staff to other physicians seeking malpractice insurance.

Pathologist, CA

My experience with you had been wonderful, you are very quick to respond to my inquiries, very thorough, knowledgeable and professional.

Resident, TX

I came to meet Tim as I needed to obtain my Medical Malpractice Insurance to start my new job in private practice. I did not realize how many options and variables are involved in the process. Tim took the time to explain me my options. He applied to a pool of companies and when the quotes came he helped me to choose the best carrier to fit my needs. It was also the most cost effective. If you are considering getting your medical malpractice insurance I highly recommend you give him a call.

Surgeon, TX

Thank you David, I am very pleased with your service, efficiency and good response time. I will recommend you to all my friends.

Family Practice, VA