Woman walks into doctors office and demands $10k

A 55 year old woman, who may be mentally disabled or just someone not too bright, walked into a doctors office in Florence, Tennessee and demanded the doctor give her $10k or she would call the authorities and claim he was defrauding Medicare. The doctor wasn’t in at the time and they told the woman to come back to pick up “her money”.

The nurses called the police and when the woman returned, they handed her an envelope that supposedly was filled with $10k.  Of course, this woman didn’t realize that the police were in the next room and were listening……and when she opened the envelope, the police arrested her and charged her with 2nd degree extortion.

This is something that takes the word “frivolous” to a whole new level!  We’re happy the doctor did the right thing and called the authorities and hopefully this keeps other wackos from trying something similar.

We tell this story b/c it’s important to let your front office staff know that during this painful economic environment, they should know what to do if they are threatened like this.  This won’t happen too often, but when someone is prepared, like this office staff…..for apparently anything to happen, things will turn out well in the end.

Read the full story here.

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