Why Your Medical Malpractice Insurance Company Matters

Insurance agent For most physicians, their medical malpractice insurance company doesn’t matter until, well, it does. When a physician faces a claim, it is important to know who is defending him or her and how. The next several months up to years can be spent dealing with one’s insurance company. And, because the inherent nature of being sued for medical malpractice is stressful, the last thing a physician needs is his or her insurance company adding to the stress, rather than working to alleviate it. A recent story from the Los Angeles Times illustrates this perfectly. While this isn’t a medical malpractice case, it does involve an insurance company and we were horrified to read how this insurance company acted –not only how they treated a potential client, but also how they delivered their settlement. Delivering a settlement in change?! Totally unprofessional.

We here at MyMedicalMalpracticeInsurance.com pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, our ability to get quotes from all of the major and minor insurance companies in your state, and our extensive and deep working relationships with these companies. While you may not necessarily know who your insurance company is, we do. We only do business with companies of the highest professional caliber. And, should any problems arise, this is another great reason to have an insurance agent, because we can also act on your behalf and utilize our relationships to help resolve any issues you may have from our end.

Feel free to talk to us today about your medical malpractice insurance company.

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