Two New Reports Released On Medical Liability Insurance

Doctor's recently brought to our attention the American Medical Association’s recently released two reports detailing the many costs of the country’s broken medical malpractice system. The data provided in the first study details why substantial med mal reform is needed at both the state level and the national level. Much of it is not news to us, and common statistics were discussed: the cost of the average medical liability lawsuit, the high rate of claims that never materialize, and the extremely high payouts that result if a case goes to trial and is won by the claimant.

The second American Medical Association report reviewed in the article analyzed med mal insurance costs from 2004-11 that were tracked via the Medical Liability Monitor –which is published by our parent company. We here at track the med mal rates by state and several major specialties and have done so for over a decade. This way, our physicians can see first hand the trends in their states and specialties with regard to the cost of doctor liability insurance. As physician advocates, we believe that an informed physician is our best client. Look up your state and specialty today.

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